through Art and Culture


Palermo Mediterranean Gateway was founded in February 2018 with the aim of regenerating the historic centre of Palermo, starting from the district of La Kalsa and creating a transferable model of rebirth. The idea was inspired by Palazzo Butera’s ongoing regenerative project for the city.



encouraging  projects through the use of art and culture, creating common benefits for both the district and the community


supporting Palermo as a centre of great cultural value, towards the development of professional skills and sense of belonging/citizenship


working closely with international research centers, foundations, museums, universities and economic and financial stakeholders


Artistic and traditional crafts School Network in the historical centre of Palermo

In the past, the historical centre of Palermo was an arts and crafts district. The massive renovation of Palazzo Butera sparked a new energy, recreating a micro business network of ancient skills and artistic and traditional crafts. Therefore the social relationships in the area has grown stronger.
Through the School Network and workshops, a new hybrid economy will develop in the district giving birth to a cultural and artistic learning and manufacturing ecosystem and
 producing an urban regeneration model with a strong social impact.


Massimo Valsecchi President
Aloisa Moncada di Paternò Vice president
Padre Giuseppe Bucaro i beni della Curia
SIMUA Paolo Inglese
Socialfare Laura Orestano
Fondazione Fits! Roberto Leonardi
Wonderful Italy Maurizio Giambalvo
Next Simone Lucido

In Italy there is a lot, but everything tends to be very dispersed and it is difficult to implement good practices. Populism exploits fragmentation and the widespread feeling of living in a desert. This feeling arises from the fact that good practices, which exist and are many, still struggle to become culture. Transforming them into a generative and shared culture is our challenge.

Mauro Magatti


Aloisa Moncada di Paternò
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Palermo Mediterranean Gateway
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